Advisory Council

As membership in Clann Bhríde continues to grow and the group evolves, the Founders sought a way to help organize and guide Clann Bhríde into the next stage of its development. This next step was to find members who would be willing to help create and lead projects, discussions, and other practices that honor Brighid and Clann Bhríde’s work. With this goal in mind, the Advisory Council was created in December 2015 to assist the Founders of Clann Bhríde in a variety of ways. These ways include but are not limited to:

  • Leading and organizing projects such as flametending cills, book groups and writing workshops for prayers and rituals to Brighid as well as any other projects that interest the members of Clann Bhríde.
  • Acting within an advisory role to the Founders and the larger membership.
  • Providing input and feedback on organizational decisions.
  • Offering knowledge and guidance to the membership with regards to the Council members’ own personal experiences, practices and knowledge.

While the Advisory Council functions in a leadership capacity with regards to individual projects within Clann Bhríde, all final decisions will be made by the Founders. The Advisory Council exists in an advisory position and is here to serve the Founders as well as the larger membership of Clann Bhríde.


Meet the Advisory Council

Nic an Dair

Hello! I’m Nic an Dair. I have been exploring pagan and polytheist paths for about seven years, but I have considered myself a Celtic Polytheist for the last couple of years or so, mainly due to Brighid. She is at the center of my practice, so I could also be considered a Brigidine Pagan. Manannan Mac Lir has been in the background, but I am still getting to know Him. I consider myself a beginner in some ways, and my spiritual path is ongoing. Neo-druidry influences that path as well. I am interested in practicing tarot and ogam, but I’m still learning my way around them both. Clann Bhríde has offered an amazing opportunity to work with other Brighid devotees and learn more about Her in a variety of ways.

Email: clannbhridecouncil AT gmail DOT com or nicandair AT gmail DOT com.


Mac de Bride

I’m Mac de Bríde. I was first drawn to Brighid in my late teens (decades ago). I’ve followed Her down several paths before finding a home in Clann Bhríde. I am pagan, primarily Celtic Polytheist. My central devotion is to Brighid but She allows me to also honor Ogma and Cernunnos. I am keenly interested in Ogam and spirit journeying. Though I am more the neophyte than the sage I am always glad to assist as I can. So, feel free to contact me.

Email: clannbhridecouncil AT gmail DOT com or macdebride AT gmail DOT com.


Erin Lund Johnson

Hi, I’m Erin, wife and mother, longtime devotee of Brìde, and follower of the Creideamh Sí. I am directress of Nigheanan Brìghde, Celtic Polytheist Order of Brighidine Flametenders, at; manage the Directory of Brighidine Flametending Orders; and have written and blogged about living the Creideamh Sí in Cascadia at I am developing and blogging about Contemplative Brighidine Mysticism at, and co-administrating the interfaith contemplative facebook group Brigid’s Circle. My other interests include gardening, herbalism, ballet, and Montessori education. Brìde Bless!

Email: clannbhridecouncil AT gmail DOT com.


Chris McCoy

Fáilte! My name is Chris McCoy and I have been a practicing Gaelic Polytheist with a Celtic Recon approach for the better part of two years but having grown up in a Scottish Canadian household, I have been fascinated by Gaelic culture since I was a child. I am also a longtime Unitarian Universalist and work as a church administrator for my local UU congregation while studying to become a UU minister. My education is in English, Gender and Women’s Studies, History and Theology and I have a background in professional writing, publishing and editing. My own faith is primarily Brigantine but I also venerate the Dagda, Manannan Mac Lir and the Morrigan. I practice divination with both Tarot and ogam. I am happily married and live in Southwest Florida. Please don’t hesitate to contact me should you need anything.

Email: clannbhridecouncil AT gmail DOT com or writersilverfyre AT gmail DOT com.


Marcelo Paschoalin

Greetings from Brazil! My name is Marcelo Paschoalin and I follow the path of DruidCraft (in a few words: Druidry mixed with Wicca, but reality is more complex than that). I am a novelist, tarotist and empowerment helper, mixing my knowledge of the mystical with the practical, since I’m also a psychologist (you can find more about this, in Portuguese, on my tarot blog at

My religious path guided me to Brighid, but soon Morrighan, Arianrhod and Ellen also showed themselves to me, so they are the goddesses I have the greatest connection with. I am married to a lovely wife and we are proud parents of one daughter and ten cats. If you need to get in touch, I’m just an e-mail away.

Email: clannbhridecouncil AT gmail DOT com or contato AT caminhodotarot DOT com DOT br.


Jennifer Parsons

Greetings! My name is Jennifer Parsons, but I also go by Jenny. I’ve been a practicing Pagan for over a dozen years, but only in the last 3 years have I begun to answer Brighid’s call and identify as a Brighidine Pagan. Mostly I worship as a solitary Pagan of the Polytheist variety, though I do work with local members of Ár nDraíocht Féin and the nearby Unitarian Universalist congregation. My personal practice is an awkward and constantly evolving mashup of neo-Wicca and neo-Druidry; my home includes shrines to several gods as well as one devoted to the Ancestors. I live in the American Midwest with my husband, my son, and a couple of relatively obliging cats. You can contact me– for any reason, really.

Email: clannbhridecouncil AT gmail DOT com or phoenixseventh AT gmail DOT com.



Hi everyone! I’m Ristoria! I have been an Eclectic Witch for the past seven years, but for the past two years I have called myself a “Celtic Witch.” I have been dedicated to Brighid for the past three and The Morrigan for the past year. When not working on the Advisory Council for Clann Bhríde, or in school, you can find me blogging over at, working at or spending time trying to convince my fiancee, Marian, that we should get a cat. Have a suggestion on how to convince her? Shoot me an email, I’d love to chat!

Email: clannbhridecouncil AT gmail DOT com or sal410cat AT gmail DOT com.



Hi! I’m Rocquelaire. I was called by Brighid about five years ago and I dedicated myself to her service almost two years ago. I am thrilled to be able serve Brighid by working with Clann Bhríde and participating in the Advisory Council. I consider myself to be a Brighidine pagan but I also occasionally honour other deities. I read tarot and would love to learn Ogham when I finally find the time! Feel free to get in touch with me. I’m always interested in getting to know my fellow Brighid kids!

Email: clannbhridecouncil AT gmail DOT com or rocquelaire AT gmail DOT com.