Prayer for an Animal’s Passing

By Sage, 2016

This prayer can be modified for the species, name, and gender of your animal.

Brighid beloved, You are the comforter of all who grieve
Brighid beloved, You are the one who holds our hearts in the palms of your hands
Brighid beloved, you are cessation of all pain and despair in last light of dusk
Guide this child of the earth, the dog [name], through the final gates of life
Let him rest his weary head and wake rejuvenated in the fields and glens of the Otherworld
And as I grieve his passage from this life to the next, I take comfort in knowing that my dog [name] will find a place at Your side, under Your table, by Your mantle, and at the foot of Your bed.
I commend his soul into Your loving arms until I can hold him next in the world beyond worlds, in the time after time.