Like flame tending, well tending is a practice intended to honor Brighid and deepen one’s relationship with Her. Well tending is an offering to Brighid in the form of time or money committed to the care of a local body of water.

For example, well tenders might choose to spend time picking up trash along a beach or the banks of a stream, or volunteer with a group working to restore a lake, or make monetary donations to an environmental organization to advocating for improved watershed protection policies.

I dip my cup into Your cold clear water and raise it to my lips with a solemn prayer: heal all that is ill in me till I am clear like You are, till I am shining as You are shining, till I am blessed like Your waters.

Goddess of the moon and goddess of the sun, goddess of the earth and goddess of the stars, goddess of the Sea, the Land and the Sky.

Oh queen of the well of wisdom, You know our needs; You know the secret wishes of the hidden heart. Be with us in the evening and in the hours of the night; be with us in our hopes and our yearning.