Birth Blessing


Light a candle with the flame-lighting prayer:

I will light my candle as Brighid lights it; Her candle is the sun and Her altar the earth. And as this little candle lights my room, may Her great candle light the universe.

Hail to you, oh foster-mother! Your love is a flame. Give me the strength to bear Your tenderness; give me the power to bear Your light. Let my heart become like a perpetual fire tended by the priestesses of all my thoughts.

Hail to you, oh woman-comrade! Hail to you, oh trusted friend! I will share my confidences with You today for I know You will comfort me; I will kindle my heart with Your light until I glow like gold.



Shine the candle-light into the water to bless it. Once the water has been blessed, anoint the child with nine drops or palm-fulls of the water, with these words:

A droplet of water from the river of Brighid, a droplet of water from the well of Brighid, a droplet of water from the hands of Brighid, upon your head and your heart, beloved child.

To help you, to guard you, to shield you, to surround you, to wash you and anoint you with the grace of the goddess.

A droplet for health, a droplet for strength, a droplet for beauty, a droplet for art, a droplet for prosperity, a droplet for peace, a droplet for courage, a droplet for character, a droplet for the joy of Brighid, may Her protection enfold you.