Household Blessing

Sain the participants with this household blessing by praying at the east, south, west and north, followed by a prayer directed at the heaven above you and the earth below you. This can be used to bless any new household, marriage or domestic arrangement.

Peace between peoples, peace between kindreds, peace between neighbors and peace in this house. In the love of the queen of life and of the fire of wisdom.

Bless this house in the name of Brighid, from roof to foundation, from foundation to roof.

May there always be food here, may there always be drink here, may there always be comfort here, may there always be joy here.

May there always be laughter here, may there always be safety here, may there always be nourishment, may there always be love.

And may the gold of Brighid’s shining beauty be here forever in the fire of your hearth.