Prayer for World Refugee Day

Inspired by World Refugee Day, Sage penned a prayer in honor of Brig Ambue, an aspect of our Lady devoted to the pursuit of justice and the protection of the ‘cowless ones,’ those beyond the protection of society.  Sage adds, “Please consider donating to refugee rights organizations such as RAICES Texas or Movimiento Cosecha. Families belong together. Never again is now.”


Today I pray to Brighid to inspire justice and compassion in our lives – to encourage us to lives of radical hospitality and love – to embolden us to stand against unjust systems and power structures that seek to perpetuate harm against the innocent.

Today I pray to the grieving mother to comfort all those in refugee and immigrant communities the world over, to protect the vulnerable and set them free.

Today I pray to our Lady of Justice, the voice of the bards and the seers speaking out, acting out, lashing out to end injustice, to realize that our hands are Her hands and our work is Her Work.

Today I pray that our eyes are not cast aside but rather turned to see the present as it truly is.

Brighid’s house is a house of refuge and those who seek refuge are forever held in Her arms and under Her mantle.

May we be Her beacons, wherever we are.