Flamekeeping Cill


The Clann Bhríde Cill has been active since the beginning of 2015. At the moment we are exploring alternate ways to provide fellowship and resources to our members. You can find the original Cill announcement and FAQ post on our blog.

To join the Cill, please send an email to clannbhride@gmail.com with the following

Name to use on Calendar (if different)
Shift # preference (if there is a preference)

Below, please find our Google Calendar to find your shift. If you have any questions, please reach out via email.

Update as of February 13th, 2021: There was housekeeping done to keep the Cill up to date. There was a Facebook survey, two emails, and a Facebook message to those who were able to be tracked down. If any of these communications wasn’t answered, it was assumed that the tender was either uninterested and/or no longer tending the Flame and they were removed from the calendar. 
If you were removed but would like to tend still, please email clannbhride@gmail.com so we can get you back on the schedule. Please use the email that you check most regularly. 

– Ristoria,
Cill Facilitator