Clann Bhríde Statement on Concentration Camps and Family Separation

Clann Bhríde calls for the concentration camps led by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to be closed immediately, for all separated families to be reunited, and for an immediate end to the barbaric policy of family separation, deportations and raids against immigrant communities. In Brighid’s name, we condemn the deliberate cruelty and inhumanity of these criminal actions. We stand with the 36 Jewish activists arrested as part of Never Again Action blocking the detention center in Elizabethtown, NJ.

Brighid calls us to live out our faith as Her children, using our hands as Her hands and our hearts as Her heart. We urge all our members to become involved in whatever capacity they can to end the genocide perpetuated against asylum seekers and refugees. We encourage all our members to:

– Educate yourself; you can start with What You Can Do to Close the Camps

– For Americans: Contact your elected officials through visits, phone calls, and tools such as. tools such as Resistbot and 5 Calls to demand that they visit and document CBP and ICE holding facilities

– For international members: Contact your elected officials and ask what response they’ve had to the humanitarian crisis in the United States and encourage them to put diplomatic pressure on the United States to end the inhumane practice of family separation

– Donate to organizations doing work on the ground such as RAICES, the New Sanctuary Coalition, and Movimiento Cosecha

– Attend protests such as the Lights for Liberty vigils and encourage others to participate

Furthermore, Clann Bhríde regrets our delay in making this public statement while children have remained in US government custody in intolerable conditions and even more have been separated from their parents. Families have been suffering under this immoral practice for far too long, and children are experiencing permanent damage to their brains and psyches from this daily, ongoing trauma.

We believe we have a religious duty to bear witness to the torture being committed by the US government, to take whatever actions we can to help bring an end to these atrocities as quickly as possible, and to assist however possible in the recovery of the people affected.

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