Saining is performed with fire-blessed water. A traditional way to sain yourself is to stand in place, extend your arm, and pivot around in a clockwise circle while invoking Brighid’s fiery sword to protect you. This is called the caim, which means encircling, encompassing or looping. You can also perform the caim on another person. Finally, you can sain an area or sacred space by praying at the east, south, west and north, followed by a prayer directed at the heaven above you and the earth below you. The traditional position for this sort of prayer is “orans”- with your arms raised at the shoulder, elbows at right angles and palms open.

Bless every sight that You place in front of me; bless every sound and every taste; bless every scent that You place in front of me, and bless what I touch with Your own blessing.

May Brighid wrap me in Her mantle and surround me with Her flame; may She raise the cup of Her Imbas to my lips so that my veins run with fire.

Oh Brighid of poetry, fill my day with beauty. Be like the sun in the sky to light the path in front of me, and cast a blessing on all I see.

I am placing my mind and my body in Your hands, oh Brighid, from the crown of my head to the soles of my feet. Kindle my mind and my thoughts with the spark of Your poetry; light my body from head to toe with Your eternal flame.

Foster-mother of the depths of my heart, be like the sunrise in my inner nighttime. Cast a sunbeam of rose and gold across the surface of my ocean; spring forth above the depths of the water as all the world joins in song.

Behold the foster-mother in the morning sky and praise Her with harp-strings as She nurses the earth; Her smile is soft and gentle and Her eyes are tender; let the day be a song to Her, and every day of the world.