What She Speaks When I Tend Her Flame

By Erin nighean Brìghde Johnson, c. 2013



That is what She whispered to me, after I laid out the offerings, lit the match, said the prayers, and asked for guidance.
I transform, She said:
The raw meat into food,
The raw thoughts into poetry,
The raw materials into arts and crafts,
The raw ore into weapons, tools, and parts,
The water and plants into healing draughts.
In your heart, distress to peace.
In your mind, worry to reassurance.
In your body, death into life, and then life into growth.
In your life, suffering into power.
I transform, by the power of fire, and the power of Grace.
She said, You too can embody this Grace, in all the transformations in your life you make:
From chaos to order,
From complacency to vigilance,
From suffering to healing,
From loneliness to togetherness.
From the Otherworlds to Thisworld,
From outside to in,
From self to others,
Like a gift.
Gift yourself, gift another, and then another.

Receive in grace, give in grace,

And then, we
the Flame,
Her flame,
in this world,
for Her, for us, for all.

Shine on.