The Founders

Clann Bhríde was founded Imbolc 2014 by Gilbride, Sage, and Aster Breo. Finn was also an indispensable source for the early inspiration behind a Brigidine devotional path.



Hello and Brat Bride Oirbh, my name is Chris Thompson and my religious name is Gilbride, which means “servant of Brigid.” I’ve been a devotee of Brigid for many years now, and have always wanted to worship our goddess as part of a community. My interest in Brigid began with my love of Gaelic poetry and bardic lore, but has grown through the years as I have learned more about Her many aspects. The more I learn about Brigid, the more depth and meaning I find in this practice. I live in Maine with my wife and two young daughters. My other interests include historical swordsmanship and political activism. I make my living as a freelance writer.
Email: clannbhride AT gmail DOT com or gilbride100 AT hotmail DOT com.



My name is Sage and I’m proud to be one of the Founders of Clann Bhríde. In November 2010, I was introduced to the Lady of the Stars – a primal creative force who I later understood as a facet of the goddess Brighid. Brighid to me represents the spark of love and life that draws people together, putting our minds and hearts to the work of peace and restorative justice, and encouraging us to celebrate the twin bounties of nature and civilization. I have been a flamekeeper for a few years and founded the Clann Bhríde Cill. I’m most interested in how I can express my devotionalism through the smallest and most mundane moments of my life when I step away from my altar and into the rest of the world, especially when it comes to self-care and issues of mental health. Beyond Brighid, I’ve got a degree in library and information science and am passionate about the intersection of libraries, accessibility, social justice, and transforming communities. I’m a sci-fi and fantasy fan, religion blogger, amateur chef, and happy hoarder of books.
Email: clannbhride AT gmail DOT com or flashing.spirit AT gmail DOT com.


Aster Breo

Failte to Clann Bhríde! My chosen name is Aster Breo, and I’m one of Brighid’s many dedicants. As such, I was inspired to create my own spiritual path centered on Her. After a couple of years of preliminary work with a good friend, I was blessed to meet Sage and Gilbride, and to learn that they were each working toward a similar goal. We joined forces, and the result of our work was the beginning of Clann Bhride. In addition to Clann Bhríde, I am a founding member of The Cauldron Cill and of Nigheanan Brìghde, Celtic Polytheist Order of Brighidine Flametenders. In my “real” life, I live with my wonderful husband, 2 fantastic adult offspring, and a LOT of cats. I work in the areas of child advocacy and stage management, and my current primary hobby is studying the use and history of divination techniques (particularly ogham, Lenormand cards, and other oracle and fortune telling decks).

Email: clannbhride AT gmail DOT com or asterbreo AT gmail DOT com.



My name’s Finn, and I have been a devotee of Brighid since I was a teenager. I work with lots of dogs and rabbits, which seems appropriate for a Brighid kid, and live in the Pacific Northwest with my two rabbits. With Aster Breo, I had a hand in laying some of the foundation stones of a spiritual path centered on Brighid, which became Clann Bhride; and with Aster and Sage, I also encountered the Lady of the Stars in 2010, whom I understood to be Brighid. It is this cosmic, creative, soulful, and mystic understanding of Brighid I am exploring in my spiritual journey right now, as well as some additional, linked explorations of Hecate. Though I am not a current member of Clann Bhríde, I am so proud of the wonderful work my friends have done, and am so excited to see what this group builds together in worship of Brighid. We are all Brighid kids together!