Triad for Grief

By Sage, 2019


Brighid beloved, we call on You now:

Mother of children

Mother of arts

Mother of justice

Mother of truth

Foster mother of thousands and thousands more

Brighid beloved, we pray to You now:

For justice unending

For compassion set free

For comfort in desolation

Set forth the bounds of Your grace so we may see it to be limitless

Grieve with us, Brighid the Mourning Mother

Be bereft with us, Inventor of Keening

Cry with us, Eternal Comforter and Friend

We look to You now, today and all days, that the emptiness in our souls is not suffered alone.

In the depths of grief, we see You there.

In the heights of sorrow, we see You there.

In the shadow of loss, we see You there.

In the stark light of mourning, we see You there.

In the silence of our hearts, we see You there.

In the chaos of our thoughts, we see You there.

We never walk alone, for we see You there.

Brighid of the Healing Mantle, I pray that Your healing touch descend upon myself and my loved ones, this day and all days. Be with my family and friends as we mourn; be with my community as we cope with this loss. As You grieved for Ruadan on the battlefield, so too do we grieve for the loss of our beloved. Let us keen together and know the strength of Your healing waters. Bring us to the sacred springs of replenishment and healing, of hope and remembrance. Let us drink deep from Your cup and sleep soundly beneath Your mantle. Bless us, this day and all days, this night and all nights.