We offer this list of nine Brigidine values and aspirations as touchstones for personal spiritual growth in service to Brighid. You can use them and work with them in any way you find helpful. You can memorize the nine values and repeat them to yourself for moral support in your daily life, or use them as a focus for meditation during a flamekeeping shift. You can read the expanded text of nine aspirations as a daily refresher and reminder, or as a source of inspiration for new projects and practices in Brighid’s service. It’s up to you.

Brighid calls each of us to one of the many paths of service to Her and to the world, including those traditionally associated with Her such as healing, poetry, creativity and justice.

As I walk my own unique path, I will strive to manifest Her qualities of Beauty, Compassion, Creativity, Faith, Generosity, Justice, Courage, Wisdom and Joy.

I will do my best to:

* Work for peace, freedom, and justice for all.

* Respect and nurture diversity in every aspect of life.

* Support and protect my chosen family and myself with honor, loyalty, and courage.

* Show kindness, compassion, and respect in my interactions with others.

* Offer generosity and hospitality to those in need, without judgment or expectation of reward.

* Practice good stewardship of resources.

* Seek opportunities to receive and share knowledge and inspiration.

* Foster beauty, creativity, and ingenuity wherever possible.

* Stay true to myself and to my commitment to Brighid.

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