Announcing the Clann Bhríde Advisory Council


The Founders of Clann Bhríde (Aster, Gilbride, and Sage) are very pleased to announce the establishment of the Clann Bhríde Advisory Council.

As 2015 drew to a close, Clann Bhríde held its first member survey.  The survey revealed a very strong interest in the development of new written materials – essays on Brighid and related topics, prayers, rituals, etc. – as well as projects like study groups, logo merchandise, and an original divination system.  We realized that the scope of the work was far beyond what the three Founders could accomplish alone.  So, we decided to establish an Advisory Council.

The current members of the Council are Nic an Dair, Mac de Bride, Erin Lund Johnson, Chris McCoy, Marcelo Paschoalin, Jennifer Parsons, Ristoria, and Rocquelaire.  They were invited to participate based on their own demonstrated interest and offers to assist with Clann Bhríde projects.

The purpose of the Council is to assist the Founders in making decisions regarding Clann Bhríde and to take on the primary responsibilities for many of the upcoming projects.  Some of the projects already underway are:

  • expanding the Book of Hours
  • running the Ogam Study Group (on Facebook)
  • organizing the 2015 Imbolc Exchange
  • researching and testing various online communications possibilities (such as websites, forums, chats, etc.)
  • setting up online shops for Clann Bhríde logo merchandise
  • creating an original divination system
  • researching ideas for group and individual public service

The Founders will continue to retain decision-making authority for Clann Bhríde for now.  Ultimately, we foresee the possibility of transitioning to a different form of governance for the group, but that will require substantial discussion and deliberation.  In the meantime, we will be focusing on creating new materials, study groups, and other projects for Clann Bhríde members.

In addition to this website ( and the Facebook group (, we have also set up an informational Facebook page at  Bios for all Founders and Advisory Council Members can be found there, as well as here on the WordPress site.

If you have any questions or suggestions, or if you’re interested in joining the Advisory Council, please contact us at

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