Happy Imbolc!

Image of two sheep outside in winter.
Two woolly sheep in a snowy field in the early morning. Imbolc is the traditional time when ewes would begin producing milk for lambs to be born in the spring. Photograph by James Bowe, 2009.

Clann Bhríde would like to wish everyone a very blessed Imbolc – or a very blessed Lughnasadh, for our members in the Southern Hemisphere. It has been another amazing year of growth for our group and we’d like to take a moment to reflect over what the last several months have brought.

This year is our second anniversary of launching this site and sending our Book of Hours out into the world. It is also the first anniversary of our flamekeeping Cill‘s creation. Membership in our Facebook group numbers 293 as of this morning, and we’ve also expanded with our ogam study group.

2015 saw our first ever Membership Survey, which helped us determine how to chart our course for further growth. It gave us invaluable insight and we certainly intended to hold more surveys in the future. As a result of this survey, we took steps to establish an Advisory Council for Clann Bhríde, which has allowed us to work on several new projects.

2016 is only a month old and has already seen the creation of new initiatives, such as our Imbolc Exchange, our Kiva lending team, and a complete redesign of the website. We’re also working on several behind-the-scenes projects, such as an updated version of our Book of Hours and message boards.

Clann Bhríde has been a labor of love from all of us and we are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to share our love of Brighid with the world. If you’ve been with us for awhile, thank you for your continued feedback and support. If you’re brand new, we’d love to have you aboard!

May Bride bless us at this turning of the year, as we fall from one season to the next. May we all feel Her nurturing touch, Her steadfast love, Her guiding call. May we follow Her willingly and joyfully toward acts of generosity, justice, and peace.

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