Clann Bhríde FAQ

What is Clann Bhríde?

Clann Bhríde, or the Children of Brighid, is a small group of people who have come together to build a religious structure and practice devoted to the Celtic goddess Brighid and Her Mysteries.

What does Clann Bhríde do?

Members of Clann Bhríde offer service to Brighid through personal spiritual practice and acts of devotion. We work together to create research, prayers and other tools for people who want to explore a closer relationship with Brighid. Over time, we hope to build a community of Brigidine devotion.

Who can join?

Anyone with a serious interest in pursuing a deeper relationship with Brighid through devotional practice.

What’s required to be a member?

General agreement with the Nine Elements of Clann Bhríde, serious interest in incorporating the Nine Elements into your daily life and the willingness to work with the other members of Clann Bhríde in good faith. “General agreement” is meant to be a broad concept, because the Nine Elements are not dogmatic statements of faith. All members of Clann Bhríde are free to develop their own personal interpretations of the Nine Elements.

Do I have to pray three times a day?

We’ve provided a structure of daily practices in our Book of Hours, but this should be understood as an option or a suggestion, not a requirement. We all practice differently depending on our life situations, and we consider daily practices to be between the individual practitioner and Brighid. No one in Clann Bhríde will ever question or try to check up on whether you are ‘doing enough’.

Do I have to formally dedicate myself?

Like the daily prayers and the other practices in the Book of Hours, the dedication ritual is optional and does not represent an obligatory initiation into Clann Bhríde. Membership in Clann Bhríde is defined by participation, not initiation.

Is there a CB leader?

There is no Clann Bhríde leader in any sense of the term. Decisions that affect Clann Bhríde as a whole are made by consensus through open dialogue between members. Decisions that only affect individuals are made individually. In these early stages of Clann Bhríde’s development, this dialogue is limited to members who have been involved in Clann Bhríde for some time, but as new members become more involved they will be invited to participate in those discussions as well.

Is CB druidic?

Draoi or “druid” is a Gaelic word meaning a magician or sorcerer. Clann Bhríde is also a Gaelic phrase, meaning “Children of Brighid,” but the phrase carries no connotations of druidism or magic. Clann Bhríde is a devotional practice, so magic and sorcery is not the focus or purpose of Clann Bhríde. Mystical practices such as the Three Cauldrons ritual in the Book of Hours are optional and are intended only for those who wish to pursue a mystical path. Clann Bhríde has no association with neo-druidic traditions such as OBOD or the ADF, although their members are welcome to participate in Clann Bhríde if they wish to.

Can I be in CB and also in ______?

Members of Clann Bhríde may be members of any other organization or tradition with no restrictions.

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